3 Steps to Live Debt Free


I recently had the opportunity to listen to Rachel Cruze share some of her insights on how to Live Debt Free.

She knows firsthand what it takes, having been raised by a father who went from filing bankruptcy and losing everything when she was just a baby to becoming a leading personal finance expert.

So I’m excited to share 3 Steps to Live Debt Free, which are my biggest take aways from hearing Rachel Cruze speak.

I have to admit, these steps are not ground breaking new information, but sadly most of us have been conditioned to Live in Debt.

I was shocked to realize that I was modelling how to Live in Debt for my kids.

It scared me!  I have a 17 year old who is about to go off to University in 2014 and all I could think about was that I only have a little more than a year to reverse the damage and teach him to think and live debt free.

3 Steps to Live Debt Free

1. Live on less than you make

Often we get caught up in the idea that we have to “keep up with the joneses.”  This causes us to overspend and make hasty purchases that we can probably live without.  It’s important for us to model to our children to live within our means.  Something I have been able to implement is writing down exactly where my money is going, right down to the last cent.  This is very helpful as once you get a clear picture of how and where you’re spending your money you can tweak it.  Cut out unnecessary expenses.

2.  If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it

This is very important.  Avoid credit cards, loans, etc. We’re conditioned to believe that we need to build our credit rating.  But, if we’re planning to live debt free then what do we need a credit rating for?  Now that nearly every bank offers a Visa chequing card there are no need for credit cards.  If you must, opt for a pre-paid credit card.  For those purchases you “must have,” it’s simple, save.

3. Tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went

Create a budget based on your income and your families’ needs.  Take a look at where you’re spending your money as explained above in #1, to help you ensure that you’re living on less than you make.  If your spending more than you’re bringing in, it’s time to make budget cuts.  Be sure to include savings in your budget, and also a small portion to give/donate.

Read on, at the end I’ll share another tip from Rachel on how you can begin to eliminate your debt.

Meet Dave Ramsey’s Daughter

Rachel is Dave Ramsey’s daughter.  She’s on a mission to teach young adults and teens about giving generously, spending wisely and saving for the future.

Rachel’s passionate about teaching others to live debt free, and preventing the live in debt culture which has alarmingly become the norm.

You can also read Rachel’s bio here.

As promised, one of Rachel’s tips to begin eliminating debt is to list your debts smallest to largest.  Then “go crazy and pay them off.”

I hope this post and the 3 Steps to Live Debt Free is as helpful to you as it’s been for me.  It’s literally changed my whole outlook.  I now have a plan in place and I’m working toward being able to live debt free.

Most importantly, I’m teaching my kids to have a live debt free mindset.

When my son goes off to university and he’s inundated with signs and offered free gifts to sign up for every credit card there is he’ll be armed with the knowledge that by choosing to do so he is setting himself up to live in debt.

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How To Tone Your Post Baby Body


If you have children, you know exactly what I mean when I say Post Baby Body aka Mommy Tummy.

It’s that dreaded pouch that comes after the magic of childbirth.

I truly believe that healthy weight gain in pregnancy is absolutely necessary.

Key word there is healthy.  Even though I knew better, I had allowed myself to get caught up in our busy life and I had put on an excessive amount of weight.

I kept telling myself, “I’ll never get my body back after 6 kids.”

I was convinced there was nothing I could do about my post baby body.  The stretch marks, loose sagging skin and that little pouch were here to stay.

Then, in a matter of a few days everything changed.  

I found It Works Body Wraps.

After 4 kids, I worked my butt off to get in the best shape of my life.  But no matter how hard I worked out, my stretch marks and loose skin didn’t change.

Then after 2 more kids, I was back to square one. There was nothing I could do.  Sadly,  I was stuck with my post baby body forever.

Until now!  I tried That Crazy Wrap Thing you might have heard about.

You know the one, it tightens, tones, and firms.  Maybe you’ve seen some of pictures, that are popping up all over Facebook and Twitter.

I’m proof, It Works! I saw a huge difference in my post baby body in just 45 minutes.

You can Read My It Works Story here.

But more importantly, Look how easy it is!  Click on the link below.

Check out How to Tighten, Tone, & Firm Your Problem Areas by Amy Bomberry on Snapguide.

So, What exactly is That Crazy Wrap Thing about?

It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it’s fun!  Best of all in addition to a healthy diet and exercise, now there’s a solution to those stretch marks, loose skin, and post baby body.

Now there's a solution for your post baby body!

Now there’s a solution for your post baby body!

You can see some incredible before and after pictures here.

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Back To School Shopping Fun


As a kid I always liked school.

I’m pretty sure though that Back To School shopping was probably one of my favourite parts about it.

I always looked forward to a new outfit or two.  As I got older I would watch for the Back To School flyers in anticipation.

Today in our house, Back To School shopping is one of the most exciting times of the year.  For my girls, at least.  They eagerly awaited their welcome letters from their teachers and the Back To School supply list for their year ahead in their new grades.

My boys on the other hand, would rather do just about anything than set foot inside a shopping mall.

They could care less that it’s Back To School time.

For the girls, it was quick and easy.  We found exactly what we were looking for.  They didn’t need a whole lot so it was painless.

The boys, well that’s another story.  All of 3 of them have grown so much over the summer.  Kinda like those magic beans that you add to water overnight and in the morning they’ve grown 300%.

So now all 3 need an entirely new wardrobe, not just Back To School clothes.  Shopping is inevitable.

They’re all spread out in age too, 17, 9, & almost 4.  That means that hand me downs are pretty much out of the question in our house.

I was dreading taking them shopping.  With 6 kids there’s no way I have the time to take each kid shopping, so I split them in half. That meant all 3 boys at once.

3 boys, shopping, together, in the same store.

I put it off as long as I could.

As it turned out though, it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at the mall.

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

So that’s what happens when you take boys to the mall.

They have a dance off in H&M.

I was helping my 17 yr old pick out some sizes and I turned around found the other 2 dancing.

Normally, they are screaming, fighting, rolling around, and hiding in the racks.

Dancing? I’ll take that any day.

Wondering who won the dance off?  I’ll let you decide.

It was definitely the most fun I had Back To School shopping in a long time.

Boys will be boys, and with 3 in the house learning to go with the flow is definitely one of the themes of my life’s lessons.

I’m so grateful for this blog, and the opportunity to be at home with my kids, going with the flow and creating memories everyday.  And now that my older four are heading Back To School, I’m looking forward to being there for school trips, and activities, driving them and picking them up everyday.

Do you ever feel like time is passing you by and you need to start making time to spend with the kids but your job is interfering? Or maybe you’re feeling guilty because you had to pick up that second job just to make ends meet or so the kids could go Back To School shopping.

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It Works The American Dream


By JOSH SALMAN — jsalman@bradenton.com

BRADENTON — Mark Pentecost is living his American dream.

Working as a high-school teacher and basketball coach in Michigan, the father of three needed a way to supplement his modest income.

So he reluctantly took a direct sales job selling phone service. Pentecost was hoping for $500 a month.

Instead, three years later, he had earned $1.8 million.

Now Pentecost operates his own direct sales corporation in Bradenton, where he cuts paychecks to 33,000 independent distributors around the world who earn a living selling It Works! Global dietary supplements and toning body wraps. The company partners with businesses that manufacture the product.It Works

Looking at photos of the top producers now hanging on the walls, he smiles at the idea that they can make it big like he did.

“I wanted to do for others what this industry did for me,” said Pentecost, It Works! president and CEO. “And we have found the health care product line right now is a boon.”

Pentecost moved his business — and 25 families that worked for him — from Michigan to East Bradenton in February 2011. The company needed a headquarters that was suitable to host distributors year-round.

But the beaches just weren’t enough.

So Pentecost bought the Stoneybrook Golf Course at Heritage Harbour and a 340-acre ranch in Myakka, where he entertains the 800 people who fly to Bradenton each month for three-day functions to learn about opportunities as direct sales distributors.

Since relocating to Florida, It Works! has seen business spike more than 400 percent. After reporting $45 million in revenue in 2011, the corporation is on pace to break $200 million this year.

In June alone, the company notched $20 million in monthly sales, compared to $4 million during the same time a year ago.

It Works! employs a staff of 65 at its 16,000-square-foot facility on Manatee Avenue. Another 200 customer service representatives are outsourced and It Works! now has 33,000 people selling its products as independent contractors.

Each distributor is provided with a website designed by It Works! They can start with a basic distributor’s pack for $99. While most earn around $500 a month, some of the company’s top distributors are making in the six figures annually, Pentecost said.

Sales are made through direct contacts by the distributors. Everyone is in charge of their own marketing strategies, he said.

“We have people try the products, use the products and give them incentive to sell them,” he said. “There’s no ceiling in this industry.”

It Works, Bradenton Herald

Mark Pentecost, president and chief executive officer of It Works! Global. The company relocated to Bradenton from Grand Rapids, Mich. last year. PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald PVIDELA@BRADENTON.COM

The It Works! line of products is anchored with the flagship applicator body wrap, a thin piece of material designed to slim and tone different parts of the body in 45 minutes.

It Works! also has added dietary supplements to pair with the body wraps.

It Works! doesn’t sell any of the products directly to avoid competition with its distributors.

“We see people send in photos of themselves with a wrap around their chin while eating a bowl full of ice cream,” Pentecost said. “Only in America.”

The recent growth already has maxed out the space of the It Works! facility.

It Works! company officials are in discussions with four cities to relocate to a new waterfront property also in Manatee that would be between 60,000 to 80,000 square feet.

As their network of distributors expands, It Works! just doesn’t see a limit to their growth.

“What’s cool is anyone can get into this industry — from a 20-year-old mom to a 60-year-old looking to make some extra cash,” said Kate Martin, a public relations specialist at It Works!. “We have people from all different backgrounds.”

You can find the original post in the Bradenton Herald.

Why It Works?

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After a phenomenal growth in 2011 with $45 million in sales….

It Works! kicked off 2012 with a big goal: One Team, One Mission, One Hundred Million

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It’s that time of year when health care professionals and public health units begin their annual campaign to promote and encourage the general public to get their Flu Shot.

Here is the verbiage taken from the Ontario Ministry of Health’s website promoting the Flu Shot.

Get Your Flu Shot!

The Flu Shot helps strengthen your body’s natural immune response against the Flu. The Flu Shot stimulates your immune system to build antibodies against the virus, making it stronger and ready to fight off the Flu. So this year, make sure you get your Flu Shot early. The sooner you get it, the earlier you’re protected!

The Flu Shot. Helping your body help itself.

It’s easier than ever to get your Flu Shot! Ontarians can get their free Flu Shot from their physicians or through their local public health unit.

As a parent we are given the task of loving and caring for our children while keeping them safe and healthy.

We place our trust in health care professionals and often our governments to provide us with information and resources to support us in our quest to raise healthy children.

Ironically, one of the measures of being a good, responsible parent in modern society is ensuring that your child’s vaccinations are up to date, including their annual Flu shot.

I say ironically since if we were to give some of the same ingredients that are known to be in vaccinations, including the Flu Shot, to our child in any other form we would be surely imprisoned for child abuse.

A Sample of The Ingredients Found in Vaccinations Including the Flu Shot


Shocking List of Common Ingredients Found in Vaccinations Including the Flu Shot


My children will not be getting their Flu Shot.

In fact, I made the choice to forgo all vaccinations, not just the Flu Shot, for my children

Making the decision to not vaccinate our children was a decision that did not come lightly.

One of my regrets as a parent is that our eldest was in fact vaccinated until he was 2 years old, meaning he received the majority of vaccinations given to children in the first 6 years of their lives.

Luckily back then I didn’t have the added pressure of the annual Flu Shot which has become more common in recent years.

I was a young mother, just out of high school.

I thought that vaccinating my child was the thing to do, part of being a “good mother.”

I still remember the sinking feeling in my stomach, the nausea, and the gripping fear as I was asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that I was “requesting” that my child receive his vaccinations. 

The form said I took full responsibility for the vaccinations and any, and all side-effects, complications, adverse reactions, and/or DEATH.


My head was flooded with questions:

If this is safe and normal why on earth am I signing a form saying I am risking my child’s health and acknowledging there is a possibility of death??

Why does the form say I am requesting these vaccinations?

What in the world is in this supposedly safe vaccine?

I was terrified! I didn’t know what to do or who to talk to.

I did not want my son to receive any of the vaccinations that they were telling me were necessary for him to be healthy.

When I expressed concern to the nurses and doctors I was dismissed and told,
“this is one of the adult decisions you have to make as a parent.”

Every time we went for my son’s vaccinations the feeling was the same, I felt so helpless and sick…

…but I believed I had to be a compliant, good little mother.

So I took my son to get his vaccinations, and every time I wanted to throw up and cry.

I’m so grateful that my son did not experience any adverse reactions, however he was plagued with lots of childhood illnesses such as frequent ear infections, asthma, eczema, fevers, etc.

Twelve years ago, when I was expecting my 2nd child, my mom brought me some info to read on the dangers of vaccinations.

She had discovered the information at her Chiropractor’s office.

Around the same time I had also discovered there was a support group for parent’s who were saying NO to vaccinations.

I was shocked to discover there was a choice, that I had a right to say NO.

I remember the relief I felt, knowing that there were others out there, and especially that I now had my mom on my side.

I read as many books on vaccination as I could get my hands on.

Again, I had that same sick feeling.

Only this time it was as I was reading countless stories of parents who were speaking out about their vaccine injured children, who had received their routine childhood vaccinations.

Many of the stories were the same, parents taking their vibrantly healthy, happy child on a routine visit to get their vaccinations and their children were never the same again.

Some were permanently damaged, and some died in the days following their fatal injections.

I also discovered that there were hundreds if not thousands of documented cases about children injured from childhood vaccinations.

These parents also shared another similarity….there was nothing they could do.

There was no way to prove that their children’s sudden illnesses, injuries, and deaths were caused by the vaccinations, even though that was the only thing their children were exposed to out of the ordinary in their lives.

I immediately though of the waiver form I had been forced to sign, and thought of the risk I had taken each time I had allowed my son to be vaccinated.

I was furious to realize that I did in fact have a choice and that my son would not be “kicked out” of daycare or prevented from attending school.

I was furious that the people working in our local public health and doctors office had not taken the time to inform themselves or their patients that there was a choice.

No, we were led to believe that vaccinations were the ONLY choice.

Despite finding all of this information, part of me was still afraid to make the choice to forgo vaccinations.

I was afraid to step out of the norm.

Every other parent I knew was doing it.

I was afraid of using my free choice.

Thankfully I’m not one to do what everyone else is doing and found the courage to silence my mind and listen to my heart.

The nurses and our family doctor were not at all supportive in the beginning.

They were absolutely horrified that I would even consider saying NO to my children receiving any vaccinations.

They treated me as I feared, like a “bad mother.”

They implied that I was too immature to make “adult” decisions.

I stood my ground.

When they introduced the Chicken Pox vaccine, and later the Flu Shot, to the regular vaccination schedule I refused them also.

I still took my children to their routine check ups, however after my fourth child I realized that it wasn’t necessary.

The only reason the suggested routine check ups are for 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 & 24 months is so the child can receive their vaccinations.

Since I choose to take full responsibility for my children’s health by boosting their immune systems naturally with good nutrition, there is no reason for us to go to the doctor because they are healthy and happy.

They are not plagued with the same childhood maladies that their older brother endured.

Now we only go once a year, just for a yearly check up.

With Fall time quickly approaching, we will soon be bombarded with information and advertisements for Flu Shot that promise to keep our children healthy.

The whole concept baffles me since there are 700+ strains of the Flu.

Even the most renowned scientist cannot determine which Flu strain will develop in a particular season or in which area it will hit.

So they take a shot in the dark, and choose several strains based on their best scientific guess to create the Flu Shot.

Did I mention the Flu Shot is created in late spring for the following Flu season?

And here’s another interesting tidbit…

Did you know that mercury was banned from childhood shots but still exists in at least 15 different vaccines, including the Flu Shot?

Death by Flu Shot?

7 year old Kaylynne Matten‘s parents were being “good parents” when they took her to receive her Flu Shot in December 2011, she died 4 days later.

Read their story here.

This past week at a routine visit to my chiropractors office I was given a flyer to share advertising a free webinar explaining the dangers of the Flu Shot.

After reading Kaylynne’s story and feeling that same sick feeling in my stomach again, I’m going to share it with everyone I can.

Before You Get Your Flu Shot….

Please watch this free webinar first:

Hosted by


 Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than The Flu

August 21, 2012

It is open to anyone who would like more information.

Visit their website to register today.

Their experts will share:
~The top 5 immune system stressors that can increase your risk of flu
~Action steps to support your immune system to fight flu (and more)
~How today’s 6 year old will have received 49 doses of 14 vaccines, sometimes 5 or more at one visit! In 1983 children received 10 doses of 9 different vaccines.

Although I’ve made the choice to avoid the Flu Shot and childhood vaccinations for my children, I believe it is a choice that each parent has to make on their own in the best interests of their family.

My only agenda in writing this blog is to inform everyone that I can, that we do have a choice as parents.  I truly believe that the Flu Shot is more dangerous than the Flu.

Please Educate before you vaccinate!

Flu Shot, vaccinations

It is a choice that all parents have the right to make.

There are numerous books and videos available, as well as websites that provide the most up to date information.  A simple Google search lists thousands of pages. Simply type in  keywords such as Flu Shot or vaccinations.

I would be happy to share some of the resources I’ve found.

Add me as a Friend on Facebook.

To Freedom of Choice!


Amy Lynn

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